This recording follows last year’s release of “Above & Below.” It has been quite wonderful how so many people were moved by both the music and the bass clarinet. For us, it was an experiment which happily turned out more successful than any of us had imagined. In the summer of 2003, Don Thompson joined us to make a new recording with him. He would play vibes and I would do both soprano sax and bass clarinet.

The possibilities were exciting and both Don and Misha began writing new material for the recording. Neil would again provide all the grooves and we would return to the beautiful acoustics of the Alix Goolden Performance Hall for the recording. The result surpassed all our expectations. Don’s work is unquestionably rooted in Bebop and he brought a real sense of jazz roots to the sessions. Misha added a modern rhythmic presence which has continued to be very inspiring. Having Neil on board meant we could once again work without drums and still enjoy a solid, infectious and undeniably creative pulse.

We were also lucky to have Ayelet return to sing her own lyrics and Russell again capture our live takes. It’s rare these days to hear such warm natural resonance in a jazz recording. A project like this can be both humbling and invigorating. It can also be like suddenly finding yourself on an adventure into the unknown with a group of colleagues who are totally committed regardless of the outcome.

We believe, we trust, we leap, we smile. Bounce!

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