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Each summer, from 1985 to 2011, I brought together a unique collection of internationally celebrated musicians to perform and teach at the Victoria Summer Jazz Workshop. After each workshop since 2002, we made a recording and with this release in 2006 we decided to give the group a name – hence ‘the Collective’.

Run includes compositions by Canada’s top jazz composer, Don Thompson (Composer of the Year, 2006 National Jazz Awards), and one the top composers in the USA, Misha Piatigorsky (2004 International Thelonius Monk Prize for Composition), as well as compositions by Neil, Rob and myself. All of this original music evokes ethnicity, humour, virtuosity, wonderful instrumental color and rhythmic diversity. There is a waltz, a tango, a dance, a 5/4 ballad, a 7/4 boogie, as well as some hard swinging jazz.

You may appreciate some background on the titles. Run…well, check out the fine print. In Case You Haven’t Heard is a beautiful waltz for string bass and bass clarinet. Nachlaot is a colourful neighborhood in J-Town (Jerusalem). The Serpent is a long black thing with sensuous silver curves and a deep voice. KTT stands for ‘Kenny (Wheeler) Type Tune’. A Lotta Enchilada is about salad. The Mastless Man is a poor sailor who lost his mast (but has since had it returned) and Back to School Boogie is a seven-step shuffle. However, you should never judge a song by its title.

I consider these musicians among the very best. The joy and passion they bring to the music is exhilarating and I hope you enjoy listening to this recording as much as we enjoyed making it.

Gord Clements, June 2006

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