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Seven composers – three classical and three jazz plus soloist Gord Clements – were commissioned to produce new works that marry the bass clarinet’s beautiful lyrical nature and deep expressive tone with an orchestra of string instruments.

This live stereo recording has been carefully engineered to capture the wonderful acoustics of the Alix Goolden Performance Hall.

Gord Clements, enjoying international acclaim for his five recordings featuring bass clarinet, is the soloist. Timothy Vernon, Pacific Opera’s renowned conductor, directs a 13 piece chamber orchestra assembled by Kenji Fusé, one of the composers and principal violist of the Victoria Symphony.

The composers also include Misha Piatigorsky from New York, recipient of the prestigious Thelonius Monk International Award for Composition and Toronto’s Don Thompson, frequently the Canadian Jazz Award’s Composer of the Year and recipient of the Order of Canada. Also involved are jazz pianist Karel Roessingh, well-known choral composer Tobin Stokes and Sylvia Rickard of the Canadian Music Centre.

“The CD captures all of the beauty of the premiere concert performance and then some. I was immediately impressed with Gord’s singing, lyrical style. His tone is rich as a finely brewed espresso. Here is an artist who has mastered the technical challenges of the bass clarinet and is able to focus on bringing out the best the music has to offer. This performance is expressive, dynamic and exciting to hear.” – Patricia Kostek, Professor of Clarinet, University of Victoria

“Super playing and terrific new repertoire, I’ll have to get busy making occasions to play some of this too! I’m sure this was a real labour of love and a lot of time, money and effort to pull together, bravo on a super disc.” – Peter Stoll, Clarinet Professor University of Toronto

Recorded Live October 23 & 25, 2011
Alix Goolden Performance Hall
Victoria, BC, Canada

7 New Works in Victoria

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